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My family have visited Menorca several times, and I went last year for my first holiday abroad. Also part of the Balearic Islands, we have never been to Majorca, but if you’re looking for a relaxed, holistic holiday this year, choosing to stay on one of these beautiful islands, just a couple of hours flight from the UK, may be the perfect choice. Mummy is a Holistic Therapist and dreams of this type of holiday (taking Nana and Grandad with us to look after us children!) Oh and not including the nudist bit!

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Hidden Treasures

The name ‘Balearics’ apparently comes from the Greek word for ‘naked’. It’s said the people who lived on the islands were often nude, thanks to the warm-all-year-round climate. Even though this tradition is not carried out today (thank goodness!), there are many naturist friendly retreats, resorts and beaches, particularly it seems in Majorca. We know of one beach in a resort that Mummy stayed at in Menorca too – not that any of us ever visited (uurrgghhh!)

1.There are many other amazing things to be discovered on these islands.  There is a long, culturally rich history dating back to 5000 BC,  and the islands are full of fascinating buildings and stunning architecture.

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2. Lose yourself in the quaint, rustic side-streets or to be dazzled by the grand Catholic Cathedrals, we bet that you will  fall in love with the islands in a way you never thought, as we did with Menorca.

Holistic Retreats

If you are  looking for a real hideaway from the traditional beach holiday there are plenty of options.  The islands boast lots of healthy lifestyle retreats and classes.

3. Why not get closer to nature practicing yoga on a golden beach next to crystal clear waters, or in the countryside surrounded by breathtaking views and scenery? Did you know you can even practice in a Monastery; so you can fully connect with the peace and quiet that is at the very heart of this ancient Indian practice.  There are so many options and intensity levels to choose from, from the occasional class to a full wellness experience.

4. You could also try a spot of tai-chi as the sunsets, enjoy some vibrant, lively drumming around an open fire, or even some meditation in the mountains.

5. Try one of the  copious spas and wellness centres for you to relax and pamper yourself in..

Healthy Options

But if Yoga and meditative activities aren’t really your style, then don’t worry, the islands are jam packed with lots of other healthy outdoor activities for you to try.

6. From scuba diving and snorkelling to biking and hiking, why not try one – or more – of these to enjoy to the islands’ unique environment.

7. Why not relax and watch the local wildlife and for bird lovers in particular, the east-side of Majorca is the best place to spot black vulture, and other birds.

It’s not just the activities and the environment that make these islands the perfect holistic destination. The traditional Balearic food is fresh and seasonal. There are lots of exciting food options everywhere you go. Whether you dine out or are so inspired by the fresh, local produce that you cook for yourself, there’s no doubt you’ll find many healthy meal and treat options.


Home from Home

To make your special holistic holiday perfect, how fab to have your own personal villa, with  a private pool if you want it. No more sharing the restaurant at breakfast with noisy neighbours, or scrabbling for your place poolside. Nestle yourself in the lush countryside, be closer to the bustling cities, or even just a short walk from your favourite idyllic beach. You can pick the perfect location, and choose a villa whether you’re holidaying as a couple, with family or friends, or even if you would love to make it a trip for one. With options available on all of the islands, you’ll easily find the one that suits your needs.

Which of these suggestions takes your fancy?
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  1. Wow, it looks beautiful! Such great ideas to do well, I always get stuck for things to do when abroad. #brillblogposts

  2. I should really try Majorca again. We went when I was 11 & it was my first foreign holiday. It wasn’t a bit of an English resort and it didn’t come close to matching our previous family holidays in Wales. If we went now though, I’d hope we’d explore a bit more of the ‘real’ island.

  3. I love that harbour photo… It sums up that part of the world for me entirely. Ive been to Menorca and Majorca and have fond memories of watching the sun go down over the harbour.

  4. I’ve never been here before, it looks lovely. Gorgeous photos x

  5. We’ve never been but it really does sound like there’s lots of different activities to choose from. And the sunshine certainly appeals to me!

  6. I would LOVE to go on a holistic retreat. It’s definitely something on my wish list. I went to Majorca when I was about 10 years old, not been since, and I’m now nearly 40! x

  7. Looks fantastic, I haven’t been a decent holiday in years, travelling to the Ibiza once when I was 17. My first friends holiday. Its was amazing!
    Your holiday snaps are so precious, some great photos, thank you for sharing.

  8. This sounds like such a fantastic holiday! xxx

  9. There seems like there is lots to do and see! The harbour photo looks so beautiful too.

  10. menorca sounds lovely ive not been but have been to majorca which was amazing for families

  11. Majorca is absolutely beautiful, I would love to go back!

  12. What a gorgeous sounding place to visit – I would love to take off and see more of the world.

  13. I’ve heard good things about Menorca

  14. Majorca is a beautiful island, I’ve visited once before (nearly 12 years ago now!) but heading out of the towns and there is so much beautiful countryside.

  15. Wowee! Sounds heavenly! What a fab adventure 🙂 Photos are lovely too x #TheList #PoCoLo

  16. The really like the Balearic Islands for a family getaway. I also recommend the Ionian islands too xx

  17. Wow it looks like a fabulous place. I have never been. Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x

  18. I’m not sure a holistic retreat would be for me but my sister would LOVE to go to one

  19. what a lot of fun sounds like a awesome adventure! so beautiful

  20. We went to Majorca a few years ago and loved it

  21. This sounds wonderful – would love a holistic break away to completely relax

  22. Having just come back from my first visit, a whistle stop press tour , I know what to go back with the family over the summer

  23. I haven’t been to Majorca or Menorca but they look absolutely beautiful. Would love to visit soon.

  24. Sounds like a lovely vacation and beautiful photos! I like the idea of a personal villa with a private pool! x
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