How to get a Sponsor (or 3!)


You may or may not know that we have not one, not two, but THREE sponsors for Britmums Live 2015. We are so lucky, and so thrilled that these amazing businesses have chosen to sponsor and support us.

So, if you are going to Britmums Live, have you secured a sponsor yet? If not, don’t worry, there is plenty of time yet. Would you like to know our top tips on finding a sponsor?

britmums live 2015 sponsors

1. Work out how much sponsorship you need. Mummy wanted to cover her travel, room, and the ticket price. If she could secure enough to cover food and drink whilst she was there, even better! Some bloggers are staying for two nights, but Mummy has to get back to me 🙂

2. Work out what you are happy to offer your sponsor. This could include:

  •  A badge on your blog linking to your sponsor – and how long you will keep it there for. A popular choice is 250 x 250 on your blog sidebar so it appears on every page. Your sponsor may have one already
  • Blog posts. How many, how often you will post, what will be included in the posts
  • What you will do on the days of the event i.e. wear a TShirt, take business cards
  • How you will cover the event, i.e via Twitter, Instagram etc
  • Any regular Tweets, Shout-Outs etc that you will do, i.e #FF (Follow Friday) on Twitter

3. Get together all your social media statistics, what channels you use, how many followers / subscribers / likes etc that you have.

4. If you have any relationship with any business, ask them! It was as simple as that for us. Mummy put together an email with all the above info in, and contacted different businesses. Some were too big, and didn’t want to commit to just one blogger, some were too small, and had no budget.

5. Consider breaking down your sponsorship into two or three smaller amounts – that is how we secured ours. Adjust what you can offer each one, according to how much sponsorship they can offer. For example, you can wear a different TShirt to Day 1 and Day 2, but you can’t really wear three!

6. Don’t give up. One of ours said in the beginning that they were unable to sponsor us, but a month later, offered us part sponsorship. If a business cannot offer full sponsorship, let them know that you are willing to accept part sponsorship, and even monthly payments, if it helps their budget.

7. Look out for any business that starts following you on social media, and follow them back  (if you are not already). Start interacting with them.

8. Keep going! Keep asking! We think it is OK to ask once, 99% of businesses will let you know if they can’t or are unable to. Move on to the next one!

9. You can put a badge on your blog asking for sponsorship, or add it to the bottom of each post.

10. You can add an email signature saying you are looking for sponsorship.

We hope that these tips help you, and that you find a sponsors(s). And Mummy looks forward to seeing you at Britmums Live!

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  1. I have part sponsorship arranged by a company approaching me. I must admit that whilst I know I have a lot to offer brands approaching them to ask for sponsorship just doesn’t sit comfortably with me.

    • Well done! Being a smaller blogger, I had to put myself out there this year. If you don’t ask, you don’t get! I hope you secure another sponsor x

  2. Well done on getting three sponsors! I’ve been trying hard to secure a sponsor but nothing yet, I’ve emailed quite a lot to of brands and only one or two have replied, but I will keep going!

  3. That’s fab you have three sponsors sorted! I planned to get asking businesses early this year but haven’t done so yet! I feel slightly uncomfortable about it but it’s true, if you don’t ask you don’t get! x #thelist

  4. I am too chicken to go to Britmums but I want too! Maybe next year when I muster enough courage =) #pocolo

  5. Wow well done you!
    I didn’t dven try and think about getting a sponsor but maybe should! Really good tips ️xx #binkylinky

  6. Great List! We haven’t really looked into getting a sponsor ever. If we do though I’d keep this list handy. We’re hoping to win some tickets to #BritMums…..fingers crossed. If not we can read all about it! xx Congratulations on three sponsors x #Thelist

  7. Wow I super impressed and not at all jealous 😉

    Like Pixiedusk I am too nervous to even go to Britmums, let alone ask a company for sponsorship. However, one day I might make some blogger friends on head down with them. It seems like everyone has blogger friends, but then I do work full time so have very little time to blog and interact like many others.
    Well done hun!
    Kat x #TheList

    • Aawww thank you! Mummy hasn’t met many other bloggers – she would love to be your friend! The ones mummy does know are all lovely x

  8. I would so love to go to Britmums but think the thought is too daunting, and I still feel too new,I wouldn’t even know where to start about getting a sponsor!
    This post was really interesting to read and congrats on your sponsors!!

    • Aaaww thank you – you have to start somewhere 😉 we were very new last year, so decided to wait until this year x

  9. This is all new to me as I only started blogging last month but this is a very informative post and maybe some time in the future I’ll be able to snag me some sponsors 🙂

  10. Good tips. I’m making some progress in finding a sponsor for Britmums Live but haven’t yet managed to tie anyone down. I do agree, though, that persistence is key. As is flexibility, whether that is accepting part-sponsorship or tailoring the package to meet the sponsor’s needs.

  11. This is really useful. I sometimes feel I’m so far away from every being able to get sponsorship but I know I’ve only been blogging for a couple of months so I need to just keep growing my readership.

    Maybe next year I will be ready for Britmums. #TheList

  12. Well done you and what great advice x

  13. Great tips Kaz. I was lucky to have two sponsors last year and lucky again to have another this year. I found twitter very effective in finding a sponsor. Last year and this year I wrote a blog post asking for a sponsor and detailed what I could offer in return then I turned to twitter to promote the post, which worked well for me. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  14. im not sure about britmums this year, i went last year and found it hectic im really shy so its awful. Also three spomsors well surely thats a bit greedy Jokes!

  15. Super tips! Very useful for those looking for sponsorships. Because I live in London the only thing I have to cover is the conference ticket, so not too bad, but it can quickly add up if you have to stay in a hotel. I didn’t bother with trying to get sponsorship, but it seems a good way to create good relationships with interesting companies 🙂 and I think it works advertising wise as well as I remember the adds people have for their sponsors! #binkylinky

  16. Well done! I wasn’t going to stress about getting a sponsor this year – although someone has now approached me so I am crossing my fingers that it all works out! Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

  17. Great tips and congratulations on securing 3 wonderful sponsors!! See you at Britmums lovely 🙂

    #Thelist xxx

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