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I flew for the first time last Summer to Menorca, and I LOVED it! It was a two hour flight from Cardiff, and all my family loved it, except my big bro Luke, who doesn’t really like heights, or flying.


It can help to have something on the plane to keep your mind off flying, Mummy had stickers, and colouring stuff for me. KLM have their cute little mascot Bluey the Plane!

KLM Bluey mascot


Bluey will pop up throughout your KLM trip – and you can watch Bluey and his adventures to see what he gets up to in his first movie.

KLM Bluey the mascot
‘Bluey The Movie’ will be shown on the special KLM YouTube channel, and onboard all intercontinental KLM flights from June onwards. Bluey was launched last November especially for young children travelling with KLM. Since then, this little plane has become very popular.

KLM Bluey mascot
KLM wants to make sure that children on board have a pleasant and comfortable journey. To help things go smoothly, KLM can help with planning the journey, checking in, being on the plane and more.

Are you flying anywhere this Summer?

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  1. I think being prepared for a long journey is the key with little ones.

  2. Awww he is cute. My kids are desperate to go on a plane.

  3. Great advice, I’ve not braved a trip on an aeroplane with my son yet, maybe later in the year.


  4. Sounds like he had fun! Colouring and snacks and distractions are definitely a must!! We’ve not been abroad with the children for a few years so we’re yet to do the whole plane thing with our four year old but my seven year always loved the experience when she was younger.

  5. We love KLM! My husband flew with my son alone when he is 4 months old and everyone in the plane is so accommodating and helpful =) #pocolo

  6. oh i do wish we could travel cant wait to watch this

  7. Anythign to help kids be happy on flights is good in my books – both as a parent or as a lone traveller!

  8. If the kids are happy on any journey, it’s always a major help for the parents, so this sounds a lovely idea!

  9. You are very brave, I’m terrible at flying I get so nervous!

  10. Such a good idea for kids. I’m dreading taking mine one a plane for the first time, its the thought of being in such a small place surrounded by so people. Its difficult to predict how children will behave in new environments x

  11. We’re flying with KLM in June, hoping that O will enjoy seeing Bluey the plane! #Binkylinky

  12. No plans for a plane yet this summer but I can vouch for ‘preparation’ when flying with little ones! #binkylinky

  13. I just read another post on this, I think it’s a really good idea xx

  14. I’m terrified of heights but like flying, its weird and I’m not sure why the height thing doesn’t bother me when I’m flying x

  15. Menorca is perfect flight time from Cardiff for toddlers. We went two years ago and are going again this year. I brought loads of things with me to entertain the girls, but didn’t need any of it as the new surroundings were interesting enough for them! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  16. I think it helps when they think about the kids travelling on planes, as happy kids is happy travellers all round. We are going to be flying somewhere very soon I hope. Just waiting on our passports coming back now Zx

  17. Brilliant idea for preparing little ones, they need something for older children who have never flown now!

  18. my son really wants to get on a plane, he love planes so I know he would enjoy it

  19. Leo cannot wait to fly again! So hope we get a summer holiday this year!

  20. What a cute little plane – I have only ever flown once and that was a long time ago. I would love to see more of the world though.

  21. I will definitely watch this with my youngest – he loves flying and planes!

  22. Lovely idea for little ones. It’s easy to forget they might be quite apprehensive!

  23. It sounds like KLM have the right idea in helping kids with enjoying their flight 🙂 Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

  24. This is a good way to entertain children.

  25. We went to Florida earlier this year. It was my children’s first ever flight and lasted about 9 whole hours! It’s great when the airline help to keep little ones entertained.

  26. OMG we’re off to Florida in less than 2 weeks!!! Aaarrrgh! No idea how I will keep mine happy for 9 hours… let’s hope there’s lots of sleeping 🙂

  27. The more I see this, the more I love it x

  28. It’s such a lovely idea for kids that perhaps are a little scared or unnerved by flying x

  29. what a lovely film, i would have loved Joshua to see this before we flew

  30. Bluey is very cute and I like what KLM are doing for families who are travelling with kids. We’re thinking about driving to Italy this summer instead of flying.

  31. I adore flying as does Sebby – Bluey is so cute

  32. I think it is lovely they are making an effort to make their youngest customers happy!

  33. We love this too – a great way to get kids feeling happy about flying!!

  34. I don’t think we will. We will like always take a loooong drive… planes and dogs don’t mix well.

  35. That is a nice initiative. We used to fly KLM a lot at one point, but can never seem to find cheap tickets with them any more. Shame, as love Schipol airport.
    VaiChin @RamblingThroughParenthood recently posted…Sunday 26/04/2015My Profile

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