Cesarean Awareness Month


Better late than never, Mummy has discovered April is Cesarean Awareness Month.

I was born naturally, with a HypnoBirth, and it was amazing for Mummy – and me! The midwife kept saying how calm I was.

newborn baby

My biggest sister though was born via emergency cesarean. It must have been very scary for Mummy – and MeeMee!

Mummy talks about it in this vlog, not the actual labour and birth itself really, but why it happened, how she felt after and sharing that natural births after a cesarean are possible 🙂

Have you had a cesarean? If so, how did you feel after?

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  1. I have got 2 beautiful daughters (6 and 3), when I had my first it was kind of natural, ventouse (spelling?!?) and my poor daughter came out slightly pointy! I had awful time after recovering with side effects of pushing (if you catch my drift) that I could not sit down for weeks, I was to embarrassed to go to my gp (silly I know)! My second was an emergency section but I recovered really well, except for the first couple of days after as hubby wrapped me in cotton wool, I got into only fools and horses and laughed so much I nearly split my stitches!

    So, with all that in mind I would opt for a section next time (if it was on the agenda)!

    Great post!
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  2. I think that first time is a shock for many people even if it doesn’t end in cesarean….I did the same as you planned so much with my first, visited the pool room etc and while I didn’t have a cesaerian it certainly wasn’t the water birth I’d hoped for. I think it’s great there’s an awareness month. Great vlog.
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  3. My son Liam (5) was born via emergency section and my daughter by planned section. Labour and birth in general is such a massive shock, well I think so, saying that my son was in distress and it was close to tragedy so I was grateful for my c section!
    I had pre-eclampsia when pregnant with Sophie so the consultant made the decision to give me a section 2 weeks earlt.
    Yeah I wish it could have been different BUT my kids are my life and I didnt care what they had to do to me to ensure they were born safely x
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  4. Thank you for writing an interesting article, I had a natural birth with Spud, who wanted to enter the world seven weeks prematurely (and he’s still quite impatient now!). My sister on the other hand had an emergency c-section with her second, and a natural with her first, I witnessed the struggle she had after her c-section with her youngest, and couldn’t help but want to take the pain away for her xx
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  5. Thankfully, I had a normal birth with my kids. I do know some friends who had a children by cesarean and I do remember them being in a lot of pain and not able to nurse their babies.
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  6. Aww thank you for sharing this. I two had 2 C-sections both breach babies, I had to have emergency ops too. I couldn’t wait to go home. Lucky I didn’t struggle, the hospital did a fantastic job, Ive 2 tiny neat scars.
    If I have another baby, I have been told that it will be breach too so no natural birth again, the hospital will only give me 3 c-sections.
    Its good I am happy with 2 boys!
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  7. I never knew there was a Cesarean awareness month – what a great idea.
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  8. i have had no c sections as of yet and hoping i dont ever need to as it is oneof my biggest fears of pregnancy and birth , i aplaud any mother who has had to have one through choice or need x

  9. I’ve been very lucky not to have to have a c-section even with my twins birth. I saw my sister have one it took a very long time for her to recover.
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  10. I had a crash section with my first and then an emergency with the second. It took me a long time to come to terms with the fact I had never given birth naturally even though the second was supposed to be a VBAC. Now I would rather have two beautiful children and deal with it!
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  11. My son was breech until very late on, so I nearly had to have a cesarean. I was very concerned about the healing process. I am pleased to hear you went on to have a natural birth.
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  12. Ive just been to read about what a Hypnobirth is as ive never heard of the phrase before x
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  13. This was nearly an option for me but wasn’t in the end
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  14. aww ive never had a c section i remember as a student i saw a c section was very gruesome
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  15. I had an emergency section and an elective section so seen both sides. eek
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