Project 365 #12/52


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Sunday – Mothers Day 🙂 MeeMee was home for the weekend, we had a lovely day. We met Nana and Grandad for a little while, then we went to one of our favourite places for lunch, Neyland Marina. We were going to go for a walk but although it was sunny, it was very chilly!

Monday -We went to Carmarthen for Lea to have her braces off after almost two years!

Tuesday – Mummy worked, I went to Nanas. Mummy and Lea took Bella to the vets for her check and first jab.

Wednesday – We met Granny Jane in Tenby, then picked Nana up. I fell asleep when Mummy drove home to see Bella.

Thursday – Lovely warm sunny day. We took Nana into Tenby in the morning, then we walked along the mill pond and fed the birdies. We went home for Bella too.

Friday – Lovely warm, sunny day. Bella went out into the garden for the first time, then later, we took Bella on the beach in the late afternoon for the first time. She loved it!

Saturday – We met Granny Jane on South Beach, and had lunch there. We then went on the beach for a bit before we picked Lea up from a sleepover. Luke is on a sleepover tonight!


  1. fab photos, I’m a sucker for a beach shot!

  2. aaahhhhh how cute is Bella in that picture, simply gorgeous.
    Nice to see you getting out and about and enjoying the beach and mill pond. That beach picture is fab, nice blue sky and sea with lots of beach to play on.
    Lea is very pretty, and glad the braces have worked,

  3. Glad to see that Bella is doing well. I bet you’re looking forward to many visits to the beach with her.

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