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Wow what a busy couple of weeks! I just didn’t have the time to post last week, Mummy was at Blog on Cymru on Saturday, and we were getting ready for our holiday to Bluestone Wales on Sunday. So, here is two weeks worth of our life!


Sunday- March 1st – St Davids Day. I rocked this amazing hat! Went for breakfast with Mummy and Leah, I have been coming here since I was 2 days old!

Monday – Mother and Toddler at Heatherton – I was a very brave boy, and climbed up all by myself, and went down the big purple slide all by myself. Mummy was so proud of me!


Tuesday – Mummy and Luke went to the dentist, and we went to Wetherspoons for tea. Nana and Grandad are away seeing MeeMee in Bristol so Mummy couldn’t work. Granny Jane is away too in Antigua.

Weds – A beautiful sunny day, Granny Jane is home and we met quickly on the beach. A HUGE surprise for me, our new Britax Smile pushchair, Mummy is a Britax Mumbassador.


Thursday – Nana and Grandad came home, yay! We met them in the afternoon – it was colder and grey 🙁 Arabella is growing so fast!

Friday – Mummy took Nana food shopping, so we popped into McDonalds. We went home to see Bella, and Nana met her! We have had her with us two weeks today.


Saturday – Mummy went to Blog on Cymru and Lea and Luke and their friends looked after me and Bella. We had so much fun!

Sunday – getting ready for Bluestone Wales, we took Bella back to her doggy mummy and daddy for the week!

Monday 9 – Friday 13 March Bluestone Wales, you can read our first two posts here and here! Here is a snapshot…

bluestone wales #365 bluestone wales #365 bluestone wales #365 On Saturday, we spent the morning getting ‘things’ ready for Mummy tomorrow, and as MeeMee came home last night for the weekend, Nana and Grandad came round for a chinese 🙂

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  1. Sounds like a busy couple of weeks, pickle looks like hes been having loads of fun

  2. What a busy few weeks you have had. Bluestone looks like lots of fun x

  3. A very busy few weeks.
    Can’t beat a holiday and soft play

  4. Lovely photos! Looks like you have been busy x

  5. I can’t get over how cute your puppy is x

  6. Wow, you have been busy! it’s none stop isn’t it! Great times holidays aren’t they!

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