27 Months Old!


Doesn’t it sound cute when you say my age in months! 27 Months Old!  I am still so little and young, even though I am quite tall and I talk so well. Anyway, here is a quick monthly update.

27 months

My speech continues to grow daily. I say cute things like ‘Can I have a cuddle?’ and ‘No, not that one, THAT one!’

I have recently discovered (through my big bro) Super Heroes, especially SpiderMan and Hulk. I sing ‘SpiderMan, SpiderMan, does what ever a SpiderMan can… spins a web, yes he can …. its SpiderMan!!’

I run around waving my little fist shouting ‘Hulk! Smash!’

I get very very frustrated. I have my own iPad now, and If I cannot quite do something that I know I can, and want to do, I have been known to headbutt the screen! 27 months

I am starting to hit out.

I have overheard the word ‘Stupid’ and mutter it when I am cross.

I have discovered this amazing other new word – poop! It is very funny! And ‘poop-poop!’ Oh and boobies!

I have been singing songs and changing some words for these. For example (I am still singing some Christmas songs) ‘Rudolph the red nosed poop – poop!’

Mummy’s daily mantra is ‘Ignore the bad and praise the good!’

I guess it is my age – and the fact that I am a little boy! Mummy remembers my bro being the same, but not really my sisters!

Other facts about me – I have just fully cut my 9th and 10th teeth together – top left, the canine and one back from it. I was very upset last night, and told Mummy – ‘my teeth hurt’ Today I am super dribbly. I have been grumpy, and saying for a few days that my teeth hurt. I woke at 5am this morning very upset.

My favourite food is tomato pasta, satsumas, blueberries and carrots. I am off my food generally because I am teething.

I am still in size 6 nappies, we are waiting a bit before starting potty training.

I go to sleep ‘In Mumma’s bed’ then Mummy moves me into my cot when she goes to bed. I can wake at any time 3-6am and ask to go into Mumma’s bed. I used to say ‘Out. Get me out!’


  1. Aw, your growing so much. Poop is a great word isn’t it. You’ll use it a lot more when you start potty training. Princess loves to announce her poop’s to everyone #sharewithme

  2. Ahoy there you are adorable!! Love that photo. And those curls wow! 27 months is such a golden age I think. Its one of my favorite stages. Where they are grown up but yet so baby like still depending on what’s going on around them. Its a beautiful age. Sounds like he is doing brilliantly. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. Sorry if you had any trouble commenting on my site today as the host is being transferred there are a few glitches to fix. Apologies. #sharewithme

  3. Very good talker at that age. My son is 28 months old and not even close to that.
    I do think the mummy bed situation sounds familiar though. With the difference daddy is sleeping with him because of me being heavily pregnant.
    I haven’t thought about potty training him yet. He is not interested in the potty but in saying that we haven’t really talked about pottys, toilets etc I am waiting until the baby is here. #Sharewithme

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