Our Perfect Family Holiday.


I have been on this earth for just over two years, and have enjoyed a few breaks with my family already. What would my dream holiday be? Well as little as I am, I already know, without any doubt. My dream holiday would be to go on a huuuuuge big ship and meet Buzz Lightyear, like my big brother did in 2006.

buzz lightyear walt disney world

My family is, well, unconventional – Mummy is on her own, and there’s MeeMee who is 18, Lea who is 15 this week, and Luke who is 12. Oh and of course me! I am 2 – just 2 in October.

Mummy has been on lots of holidays, as have the others! They have been to Florida twice, to Menorca three times – I went this summer on my first holiday abroad, and I LOVED it!

menorca 2014

They also all went on a big cruise for Mummy’s 40th Birthday a few years ago too. Mummy has also been to Sicily and Spain BC (before children!)

So, I hear all the time about this amazing cruise ship and how fantastic Florida – especially Disney World is. That is why if I could go on my dream holiday it would be a cruise and Disney. I don’t actually fancy a Disney Cruise because I would like to see the famous castle in Disneyland and all the different places.

Do you know what though? I would be happy to go ANYWHERE on holiday with my family. We are so close, and we have such fun together. And now MeeMee is in University, we cherish every minute we have all together. Because things have changed here for us all, we would all love the chance to go on holiday together.

We would love to be Mark Warner Ambassadors because …..

  • We would bring so much to the role, sharing our family mix of teens, a tween and a toddler, and how to keep us all happy on holiday!
  • A completely different perspective – through my eyes, as I share with everyone what I think about the holiday – a fresh look which other families will love
  • As well as me, my Mummy and big brother and sisters will have their say on my blog too! Sharing their experiences and points of view too
  • We are happy to shout from the rooftops – well, across all our social media, about our experiences
  • I am a very good boy and will do whatever Mark Warner asks me to do!
  • Oh and we will happily use our new Go Pro to grab some unique videos of our holiday
  • One last thing – Mummy would LOVE (and deserves) the Mark Warner night out!

This is our entry to apply to become a Mark Warner Ambassador. Wish us luck! #markwarnermum

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  1. Good luck! We’ve applied to and would be great to meet you at the night out! You sound like a lovely family and I bet you’d be great Mark Warner Ambassadors xx

  2. Ahh I am loving everyone’s MarkWarnerMum entry posts! So many on share with me. Good luck. I wish we all could be markwarnermums! Thanks for linking up to Share With Me Happy Holidays! #sharewithme

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