We need more room!


Mummy runs a small business from home, and has owned other businesses in the past too. There comes a point when  business is too big to run from home, especially when the house ifs full of people, and toys, as ours is! We have no more spare room, everywhere is full – even our garage. But Mummy has to work, and needs somewhere for her business. Mummy also has lots of other business ideas, if she had more room. So what happens then? Mummy dreams of having a lovely new place for her work….. 1.Mummy would have some fancy new office furniture, maybe from this on line supplier

office furniture

2.To keep organised, Mummy would have some new storage boxes with different colour tape to keep everything tidy. 3.Mummy would LOVE her very own coffee machine!

coffee cup

4.Mummy is going to have to find a proper storage solution, pallet racking by WSSL can easily help her sort out her storage boxes! How exciting! I hope Mummy’s business grows, and that she finds her dream work place. Maybe one day I will work for her!

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