How To Make A Robin Cake Topper With Ready To Roll Icing


Looking for a fun and festive cake topper for your Christmas bakes this year? Try a rockin’ robin made from ready to roll icing.

How To Make A Robin Cake Topper With Ready To Roll Icing

How To Make A Robin Cake Topper


Are you looking for a fun way to liven up your Christmas cake? Why not try your hand at a robin cake topper made from ready to roll icing. They’re easy to make and a fab festive touch to any cake.

Ingredients For Your Ready To Roll Icing Robin

To make these cute robin toppers you’ll need the following:

  • Red ready to roll icing
  • Brown ready to roll icing
  • White ready to roll icing
  • Yellow ready to roll icing
  • White royal icing

Making Your Robin Cake Topper

Before you begin making your robin, boil some water and put it into a bowl to cool. You’ll be using this to fix the parts of the robin together. Dust your work surface with icing sugar to ensure your icing doesn’t stick.

  1. Take your brown ready to roll icing and knead it until pliable. Break off a portion and roll it into a ball. This is the body for your robin.
  2. Take another small piece of brown icing and divide it into two.
  3. Roll each piece into a ball and then flatten on your work surface into a wing shape.
  4. Brush some cooled boiled water onto each wing and fix them to the body. Hold each in place until it sets.
  5. Next, take some red ready to roll icing and work it in your hands and on the work surface until pliable.
  6. Pinch off a small amount and roll it into a ball then flatten it into a circle. This is the red breast. Glue it to the body using some water.
  7. Now make the hat. Take a piece of red icing and roll it into a ball. Then using your finger and thumb gently roll it into a cone shape at one end. Bend the cone over until it rests against the body of the hat.
  8. Get your white ready to roll icing and roll a small ball for the bobble. Stipple the surface with a fine, wire brush to give it a woolly texture.
  9. Roll another small ball of white icing and flatten it into a disc. Stipple the edges to create the base of the hat.
  10. Glue the bobble and base to the hat using water then fix the hat in place to the robin’s body.
  11. Create a beak by taking a very small amount of yellow ready to roll icing and gluing it onto the front of the robin’s body, just above its red breast.
  12. Finally, add two small dots of white royal icing for eyes.

These robin cake toppers will look so cute and festive on top of a Christmas cake or even on individual cupcakes.

Ready to roll icing is such a versatile product, so make the most out of it this Christmas!  


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous and looks amazing, but I have a feeling that mine wouldn’t look quite as impressive!

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  7. My mum loves robins – and she’s coming this Christmas so we’ll give these a try! Your are outstanding!!!

  8. I am hopeless at cake decorating but think I could just about muster something like this up

  9. What cute cake toppers. Love those robins in the Santa hats.

  10. These are adorable! I love robins so must give these a go.

  11. Aww, these little robins are so sweet!

  12. what a great idea ! I love them

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