Women’s things


Something I hear a lot about in my house, as does my big brother is ‘women’s things’. Having two big sisters, and obviously my Mummy, it is something we hear A LOT!

My big sister is crying and upset – ‘Oh don’t worry, it’s only women’s things’

My Mummy is shouting a lot! – ‘It’s OK boys, its only women’s things!’

My biggest sister is very grumpy – ‘It’s that time again – you know, women’s things’

My biggest sister is away at University, so its Mummy’s and Lea’s ‘women’s things’ that we hear about now.

I don’t know very much about ‘women’s things’ at all, only that it makes Lea unhappy, grumpy, upset and very cross sometimes. (Mummy too, but this is more about Lea.) I wish I could make it better for them. Well, thank goodness, someone else can help!

Teen Parcel is a great idea, where girls can sign up to a monthly delivery of a fab box of goodies to help at ‘that time’ of the month.

teen parcel

Mummy gave Lea the box when it arrived, and honestly, she squealed with delight! ESPECIALLY at the ‘Made in Chelsea’ star, Binky’s nail varnish.

teen parcel

The squeals got louder, as Lea discovered a cute bracelet, lots of products from Clean & Clear, Haribo sweeties, and more…

teen parcel

teen parcel

Lea can’t wait to try the Tea Pigs Chocolate Flake Tea, and has already started using the Clean & Clear products already. There is also a 10% discount voucher for any order from the Binky of London website.

I will now hand over to Lea, to share what she thinks…

‘I was really excited to get this parcel, I suffer at ‘that’ time of the month with feeling very angry at times, very upset at others, and my skin suffers too. When Mum told me about Teen Parcel, I thought it was a great idea, how fab to have something just for me! It really cheered me up – by coincidence it arrived the day before my monthly, so was perfect timing! I LOVE the Binky Nail Varnish, I couldn’t believe it! I rushed home to put it on! Everything else was so great, I loved exploring the parcel to see what I had. The only disappointment was that there were Tampons in my parcel which I don’t use, I wish there were pads instead. But, Mum says when you set up your order on the website, you can say which you would rather have. I think this is such a good idea, it genuinely cheered me up, and would definitely give me something to look forward to each month. Everything inside my parcel was perfect, couldn’t have been better!’

You can order easily on the website, adding your monthly dates, so the parcel arrives a few days before to cheer you up! The parcel is £9.95 with your first parcel being only £5.95 It is well worth the money, the goodies are worth far more. They are all brand names, and high quality. The contents vary each month, but always feature top brands.

Thank you Teen Parcel, for making my sisters life a little happier!

This is a sponsored post. All words and views  are ours!


  1. Oh wow – what an amazing idea! I could have done with one of these, hmm maybe I still could now!? Haha. I didn’t even know these existed! Glad to hear Lea liked her parcel 🙂 xx

  2. oh dear Ickle Pickle you must have a hard life, all these women and their “women’s things” their moods and their unpredictability, hope you learn to keep clear when you get older.

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