We are so elfcited!


I am so very excited, as we all are! Mummy tells me that someone very special is coming to stay next month. I cannot WAIT to meet him!

He is a little Elf, who is being sent from Father Christmas to keep an eye on me, and check that I am being a good boy for Mummy. Of course, I am always a good boy!

I haven’t met him yet, but I think he is on his way, he will arrive on 1 December, and stay until Christmas Eve.

Mummy has told me that he is tiny, and a bit like a teddy, because I was starting to get a little bit spooked at him maybe being big, like Father Christmas.

Mummy will now tell you more about him, I am off to bed 😉

Mummy says …. ‘We are all so elf-cited!! I only heard about Elf on the Shelf this week, and have got totally caught up with it all! I felt that the original Elf (as great as he is) is a bit too grown up and freaky for Pickle, so I searched and searched for a suitable one. I found the Keel Toys Elf on line, and he is perfect. Except I left it a bit late, so ended up paying double the RRP, £11.98 including P&P but he is worth it. He is very soft and very cute. Our Elf Story this year is obviously inspired by the Elf on the Shelf story, but it is our version, I have adapted it to suit Pickle and our family.

elf on the shelf

I wanted Elf (he will be named when he ‘arrives’) to come in a box, with a whole load of treats, but not presents as such, or sweets / chocolate. Pickle is fast learning that most things are associated with sweeties or chocolate, especially at this time of the year, so I decided against it. I have had a brilliant day out shopping, sourcing what I wanted to pack with Elf. I found most of it in PoundLand and 99p Stores.

Here is what Elf will arrive with…

elf on the shelf

Elf’s little friend Reindeer 99p – 99p stores

Stripey Box with lid £1.49 Card Factory

Cute Reward Chart, with either smiley or sad Santa faces. £1 Pound Land

Light up reindeer battery lights (for Elf to decorate ;)) £1 Pound Land

Christmas colouring set £1 Pound Land

24 gift tag cards (perfect size for a little message from Elf) 99p – 99p stores

20 mini Christmas pegs and string – for pegging up Elf’s little message cards 99p

Christmas Countdown black board and chalk £1 Pound Land

Watch out for our Elf-scapades throughout December, are you taking part this year!’

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  1. Fab! Glad to see you have your little visitor joining you! It’s such a fun thing to do. I look forward to swapping ideas and elf stories over the next few weeks. x

  2. OMG I so want one and I am so lucky to live near 99p store & Poundland. Will look for some elf for our lil home =) #pocolo

  3. Oh that is soooo cute!!! We’re looking forward to baby W’s first Christmas and I don’t want to wish away any time BUT I can’t wait til he’s old enough for stuff like this 🙂

  4. What a lovely elf! I can’t wait to see what he gets up to! #binkylinky

  5. Your elf is so cute. So many I have seem have been a little scary. I hope you have great fun with him x #binkylinky

  6. Fab! I think Elf on the Shelf is such a fab idea!
    The company I work for, we make printable resources for EYFS Settings & Parents and we have a ‘My Little Scouting Elf’ resource pack to go with your Elf! I won’t leave the link as don’t want you to think I’m commenting for that reason, but feel free to contact me if you want more details 🙂
    Elf On The Shelf wasn’t around when my eldest was young, but I’ll def be using it when my littlest gets a little bigger!! Have lots of fun!! 🙂

  7. Ive been toying with the idea of doing an elf on shelf type thing for Pops and i think you have convinced me! fab post, looking forward to seeing what elf will get up too x

  8. what a lovely idea , I am looking forward to seeing what adventures Elf gets up to #Binkylinky

  9. It looks like you are all set to go, have lots of fun with your little visitor 🙂 #pocolo

  10. Love your Elf. He is adorable and love that he is bringing treats for pickle too

  11. Aww! How fantastic! We have an elf arriving on the 1st too! I can’t wait to see what you get up to 🙂

  12. Oh how lovely – your Elf is showing up with LOADS! Our Elf, Ellora, should show up soon. Grace is really keen to see her again. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo 🙂 x

  13. I haven’t done elf on a shelf, but remember reading lots of people doing it last year. It looks like lots of fun and I’m sure the little ones will love it. #binkylinky

  14. What a cute little elf. I look forward to some ideas for elf pranks.

  15. We have a cuddly elf too, I am not keen on the no touch idea. I love all the treats you have collected- poundland has so many cool things! You are going to have so much fun with it all! #ElfEscapadesLinky

  16. Love everything you have for your elf, it looks like you will be having lots of fun! #elfescapades

  17. I love your elf/ Christmas treats, pickle is going to have so much fun
    Welcome along new host #elfescapades

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