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I was recently sent some fantastic shoes from Happi Joey and I LOVE them! It is so great to see cute, trendy shoes for us boys, it is usually the girls who have them all!

They sent me their Little Tractor leather shoes which are grey with blue. They are made of soft, flexible NAPPA leather, and are for sale at £38.99

collage 2

I love the tractors on the side of the shoes, and I love the colours, they go with everything!

They looked a bit too big at first, but they fit me really well, and are very comfortable. Mummy printed off the measuring guide which was really easy to follow, to get the perfect fit for me. My feet were a size 6 – or a Lion on the measuring guide! How cool!

happi joey shoes

The shoes are excellent quality, and really well made. They are easy to put on, and take off, and feel so soft. The sole comes up around the toe, so it is hard to scuff them!

happi joey shoes

Thank you Happi Joey for these fab shoes, we love them! Mummy would never have bought shoes for me off the Internet before, but would definitely thin about it now.

WooHoo Points

Excellent quality

Loads of fab designs to choose from

Boys shoes just as fab as girls ones.

Waaaah Points

Really, I can’t think of any – only that the price of these is a little higher than many – but they are so cute they are totally worth it!

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  1. What lovely shoes, Max would love some like this! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. Thank you for the great review. It is nothing better for me than seeing child enjoying HappiJoey shoes, knowing that another child’ feet are well protected and kept healthy. This is what all my hard is about to make children happy and their little precious feet happy too. Marketa, mum and founder if HappiJoey xxx

  3. Aww! They are just adorable…They look very comfy too! Perfect for little feet x

  4. They look really sturdy but comfortable. Great review #triedtested

  5. It’s great that you got some toddler shoes you really like, anything with tractors on we love here on the farm! #Tried&Tested

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