Props to Use for Photographing Children

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Mummy has some great tips for taking photos of your little ones – she has tried some out on me!

Mummy says…

‘Using props in your children’s photo shoot can really bring an extra dimension to the images. You can use them to bring out your tots’ personalities, get them to smile and generally make the experience more fun for them. As the winter months approach I’ve come up with some ideas on how to accessorise your photo shoot and produce some genuinely heart-warming images. If you have any more suggestions please let me know. Professional photographers like Venture have great ideas for photo shoots involving children but if you want to experiment for yourself here is some food for thought.


A child with a camera, be it old fashioned, polaroid or modern SLR, can make a quirky image while also giving your little one the feeling that they are replicating you. You never know – they might get better snaps!


A simple but creative way to get them smiling; get them in front of a big mirror:


Me in 2013!


Me this summer 2014 – in the same baby changing room!

Hard at Work

Similarly, you could use items like laptops, high vis clothing or a suitcase to make it look as though they are heading off for their first day of work. It’s another chance for your little ones to play at being grown-ups as well as an opportunity to get some adorable snaps.


This one is always fun. Fill a room up with balloons and watch them have the time of their lives. Just remove anything sharp – one loud bang is sure to put a sudden end to the happy photo shoot!


To ensure you get them in their natural environment as well as making sure they are comfortable and having a good time, empty out the toy chest and capture them having fun.


Capture their intellectual side by getting them to pose with one of the books from your library or their favourite title.

The Great Outdoors
If the weather’s fine, wrap them up and go out and make the most of your local park. Pictures of them having fun with the autumn leaves work really well

photo 2

Tea Party

A nice set-piece for a photo shoot is a tea party. Perhaps get their friends and teddy bears involved.


As with balloons, children almost always respond well to bubbles. This is an easy, cheap and clean way to light up your little one’s face.

Go Historic

This one may be a bit more involved but worth it for great period pictures of your kids acting a day in the life of a Victorian or dressed as a Roman Emperor. There are plenty of great online costume shops you can utilise or you can have a pre-photo shoot craft session and make your own props and costumes. Why not have a go for Halloween?

Do you have any tips?’

(This is a collaborated post, Mummy was paid for her time)
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  1. Great tips. I think I’ll use a few, especially the mirror one. Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky

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