Not so Silent Sunday Photo 7 Sept 2014



This is the first Silent Sunday / My Sunday Photo that I have ever added words too.

But, I have to this week, I am sorry.

This is my beautiful, loving, caring, funny, clever, amazing biggest sister.

MeeMee, who I love with all my heart.

She is starting her new life in Bristol tomorrow, Mummy is taking her to her halls accommodation.

I will miss her sooooooo much. She is the best biggest sister. Mummy has promised MeeMee that she will show me her photo, and talk about her to me at least five times a day, so I won’t forget her!

Please don’t worry my MeeMee, I will never forget you – how could I?

I will look forward to seeing you again soon. I suspect Mummy will be visiting you before you think!

I love you, good luck with the move x x x



  1. Aw bless! I’m sure you will get to see her lots and make sure she skype’s you all the time. zx

  2. This is so sweet. Good luck Meemee xx

  3. Oh bless – a big step out into the world!

  4. aww lovely photo. what a charming and pretty girl.

  5. Good luck to her, with Skype and video calling no one is ever far away

    Thank you for linking up

  6. Aww, it’s so cute that you clearly love your MeeMee very much. I’m sure that she will really miss you too, even when she’s very busy studying hard 😉 xx

  7. She is beautiful and a credit to you especially considering what I read on FB this week. All the very best to her in the exciting journey ahead

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