Happy 23 Months old


Mummy has been getting emails reminding her that I am coming up to 2 Years old!
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On 12 September I was 23 months old.

This is the last time that mummy can say my age in months, and she is feeling a bit sad about it.

I am nearly 2! A proper toddler!

Today, Mummy and I went around Debenhams and Mummy got sad because seeing all the baby clothes reminded her that two years ago she was doing last minute shopping for baby clothes for me.

She knew I was a little boy, from our 20 week scan. I am Mummy’s very last baby, but, because I was a little surprise for mummy, she really does know how lucky she is – how lucky we all are – that I arrived safe, healthy and am growing into a great little boy!

Since turning 23 months, when people ask Mummy how old I am, she feels she has to say ‘he’s two next month,’ which, of course, I am! So she actually stopped saying my age in months when I was 22 months!

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I am so very good at talking. I now say 5-6 word sentences. I know the names of everything. I know the names of pop stars and songs. Much to Lea’s delight, I ask her to play Katy Perry!

If I hear Mummy saying she is going somewhere, I say ‘Kai come too.’ When I’m ready to go, I say ‘Go, Mumma, go!.’ I say ‘go back to house’ or ‘go back to guke’ (I call my big brother Guke – I can’t quite say Luke!)

If mummy asks if I can do something, I say ‘course I can.’

I say ‘Watch Peppa Pig on television,’ and ‘Watch Mikey on Mumma’s iPad,.’

I LOVE Monsters Inc and Monsters University

I LOVE Toy Story 1 and 3, but not 2

I still love Peppa, and George and my favourite of all is Daddy Pig

I carry round Mikey from Luke’s Disney Infinity game EVERYWHERE as well as Daddy Pig

Last week, I went to my first musical Little Melodies toddler group – and loved it!

Nana and Grandad just came back from Switzerland and have bought me a BIG cuddly Daddy Pig and a little cuddly camel!

I have, only a couple of times, run off when Mummy has put me down, I think it is really funny, and giggle and giggle. Mummy doen’t seem to find it quite as funny!

I have started screaming – loudly at times – if I don’t get my own way, or have to do something I really do not want to do!

Mummy says …..

I cannot believe that you are coming up to 2! I do feel a sadness in my heart, because I have loved every single minute of your life, seeing you grow and develop, watching you learn, copy, and absorb everything all around you. You are so very clever, I can’t keep up with your speech and words, every day you say something new. Of course I am so very happy that you are growing and developing as you should, I am literally honoured to be your Mummy. I receive comments every day from people about how gorgeous you are, how cute you are, what a good boy and how well behaved and happy you are.

This makes my heart sing with joy. You are so loving, you cuddle me, kiss me, hug me, and the feeling of your little arms around my neck, or your little head against mine, is the best feeling in the world.

I say it all the time, but you are SO loved. You light up everywhere that you go. You touch the hearts of everyone that you meet. What will you be, I wonder. What will you do?

I could cry, I love you so much. I have tears in my eyes as I write this, to you, my beautiful boy.

May you always walk in peace

Love you more than you will ever know

Mummy x x x

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  1. What a sweet way of documenting milestones!

  2. Make the most of your son being 2! My twin daughters are 20 now and I’m thinking only, how did that happen?

  3. It’s funny because I do look back on Grace being this age and feel a bit sad but I also love the age she is now and all the new things she is discovering. Time is one of the only things we can’t control. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo 🙂 x

  4. Lovely post – time goes way too quick! #pocolo

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