My first toddler session


On Thursday, it was such a beautiful day – as it has been all week. I went for breakfast with Mummy, then we went for a lovely walk around the harbour. We watched the waves, which were quite choppy, and then we watched some men putting a boat into the harbour. There was a lot of shouting and pushing, and we thought they were going to drive their car fully into the water, it was soooo funny!

Mummy took some great selfies of us!


After our lovely walk Mummy took me to the village hall for my first Little Melodies music, singing and dancing session!

I have only been to a mother and baby group once, quite a long time ago, before I could walk, or even crawl. I sat with Mummy, and I did enjoy it, but we never quite managed to go again!

Mummy has wanted to take me to some sort of toddler group now that MeeMee is settled in Uni, and Lea and Luke are back in school. I love singing, music and dancing, so this was perfect.

We went in, I was in my pushchair, and straight away I said ‘Walk Mummy, walk’. I just wanted to get out and run over to the other children!

Mummy got me out, and I was off! I couldn’t believe how many babies and children there were. Little babies in their Mummy’s arms, sitting babies, crawling babies and toddlers like me.

There was a huge coloured circle thing on the floor, which the lady called a parachute.  All the Mummy’s grabbed the edges and lifted it up, and the lady played the Hello song from Mr Tumble. I LOVED it. I was dancing around, Mummy was trying to call me over to her, but I just wanted to dance around, and suss everyone out!

Guess what happened then!? The lady tipped hundreds of plastic balls onto the parachute and all the Mummy’s lifted, and shook, and waved the parachute so that all the balls jumped everywhere! Oh my gosh, it was soooo much fun!


There were lots of other songs, we sang Old MacDonald, and the lady gave out lots and lots of different animals, which we held up when we sang. We had lots of musical instruments out, then later, Teddy Bears. We sang Rock-a-bye-a-bear from The Wiggles – which I have never even heard of, but Mummy said Lea and Luke used to love them!

After every activity, we had to tidy up, and I loved helping the lady! She gave me a little fox sticker, and put it on my top. I moved it onto my dribble bib. Then onto my cheek. The onto my head, where it stayed!

We had a biscuit, and a drink, and the Mummy’s had a coffee. Mummy couldn’t see me, and was hurrying around to find me, but I was sat quietly next to two other children and their Mummy’s eating my biscuit!

I heard Mummy talking to a couple of Mummy’s that she knew, and she told them that she was so happy that I went off and enjoyed the session, but that she also felt a bit sad that I didn’t seem to need her! Mummy was expecting me to stay right by her side, until I felt a it more sure. But, I knew Mummy was there, and that she could see me all the time. So, off I went, and I had the best time!

Afterwards, Mummy and I met a friend, and we went for another walk with her, and I fell asleep for over an hour!

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  1. toddler groups are so much fun and other Mums for Mummy to chat to as well. At least you enjoyed your breakfast walk before sleeping through your second one. I hope you continue to enjoy your toddler mornings. hank you for sharing the fun of your day with me on Country Kids.

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely day and how nice to live close to a harbour 🙂 #countrykids

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