Fab Kids First Aid Kit


We were sent a fab little kids first aid kit to review recently by Steroplast, it is a great complete first aid kit in a handy travel bag.



The bag opens out fully to reveal two zip pockets where all the stuff is kept. There is a handle on the bag, a loop and a belt loop too, so you can choose how to carry it.


Inside there is everything for a minor emergency, including a bandage, two eyewash / wound wash pods, one pair of gloves, one dressing, one roll of microporous tape, nine fab funky kids plasters, one sling (triangular bandage), and two alcohol free wipes that won’t sting!


It’s perfect for keeping in a changing bag, rucksack on days out, or in the car as well as for taking on holiday.

As much as I hope I don’t need this kit, nor my brother or sister, it is always good to have, especially a neat little one like this.

You can buy this kit from as little as £2.99 online.

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Small, well packed

Brilliant price

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  1. This looks a good kit and I agree. I keep a kit in the car #TriedTested

  2. We have reviewed that in the past too and found it was brilliant! Very handy to pop in a bag on a day out x

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