Fancy a game of Dobble?


We were recently sent Dobble, a family game, to review.

I am a bit young to play it yet, but my brother and Mummy were excited to have a go.

Now that summer is almost over, Mummy is keen to find some games and activities for them all to play indoors.

The game is really neat, and all fits inside a little tin, making it brilliant to take to parties, on holiday or to friends sleepovers.

It is great being in a tin, boxes seem to get ripped or squashed in or house!


It is really simple, you have to name the only two matching symbols on any two cards. There are 5 mini games you can play.

Each mini game has a slightly different set of rules, and all are great fun! Mummy loved the fact that it was so simple, there are so many games that are too complicated to work out, and even cause arguments!

Mummy and Luke played some of the mini games, they had great fun, even Luke who had to be prized off his laptop!


It’s good because only two can play, or up to 8 players.

It’s almost like a modern snap, but boy is it hard to spot the two matching symbols sometimes – don’t be fooled into thinking it will be boring or easy!

Dobble sells for £12.99 on Amazon, full details are here.

There is also a kids version, suitable for ages 4+

WooHoo Points

Only needs 2 players, but up to 8 can play

Small, easy to take anywhere

Suitable for all ages from 6+

Waaaah Points

Price? It can be played in several different ways though


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  1. That looks and sounds like a fun game.

  2. This sounds like a great family game for the summer holidays. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  3. Oh we have dobble it’s a great game we love playing it as a family c

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