Project 365 Week 26 22-28 June 2014


Very exciting this week, as on Friday we are going to Menorca πŸ™‚


Packing for the holiday! I have some great new clothes, including this hat! I lost Kwaazi – my little Octonaut πŸ™ so mummy bought me a new one! πŸ™‚


Hotter than hot! Mummy met friends in the morning then we met up with MeeMee and Oz on South Beach, the sand was too hot to stand on! Β My new Kwaazi started going funny – his colours were coming off, but I did wash him in the sea :/ Mummy took him back to the shop and they gave me a new one πŸ™‚ MeeMee and Oz went to see Derren Brown and Lea wentΒ with school to see War Horse on stage.


Mummy worked – hot day again! I had a lovely day at Nana’s. MeeMee came over to get me with Mummy, and I loved seeing her. Mummy busy packing.


I woke up mad hot with a temp and mummy gave me medicine, then took me to the doctors. I have an ear infection πŸ™ and I’m flying on Friday πŸ™
The doctor gave me antibiotics, I hope I’m ok. No photo today, with me being poorly and mummy so busy getting ready.


I went to Nan’s so mummy could finish last minute packing, planning, etc. mummy picked up Lea and MeeMee from school, Amy was at nana’s already. We left at 4.15 for Cardiff.

We had tea on the way, and arrived at Cardiff Atlantic Wharf Travelodge. We had two rooms, my sisters had one and we had another.


We had a lovely breakfast and a walk around Cardiff bay before driving to the airport. My first flight! So exciting!

First day in Menorca. Scorching hot! 34 degrees! I’m still a bit poorly, not eating but I’m ok.
Beautiful place. We are writing full posts with pictures about Menorca very soon πŸ™‚


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  1. a great build up to your holiday apart from the sore ear, hope it wasnt too painful on the plane. How cute you looked on Thursday-adorable

  2. How busy and how fab that your on your jolies too. Hope you feel better soon and enjoy your time away as a family!! x

  3. What a perfect place to recuperate from an ear infection! Have a lovely holiday!

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