Mummy Says Happy 21 Months old!


The day after we returned from holiday, the 12 July, I was 21 months old!

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Mummy says I have grown up so much on holiday, and changed. I say more now than ever, and understand everything, following instructions such as ‘can you pass mummy your ball from by the door?’

I try and run. I slide and drop safely off the bed, and climb and get up a step safely. Luke taught me this!

My words are changing, I have started saying ‘dummy’ instead of ‘numenum’ sometimes.

Last Tuesday (15 July) I said oconaut instead of ocnoc for octonaut!

Last week I climbed up onto the settee at home for the first time. A few weeks ago I climbed Nana’s stairs on my own.

I love (and sing along to) Let it Go from Frozen, Firework by Katy Perry and Sing by Ed Sheeran!

I said ‘Ta Boy!’ to mummy this week (listening to MeeMee too much!) I hear everything and miss nothing, I repeat so many words – but I also know what they mean!

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Mummy has been having a big clear out at home, and is planning our first car boot sale tomorrow. She started to go through my clothes from when I was born, and she found magazines, leaflets and catalogues from when she was pregnant with me. Mummy also found Lea’s lists that she had written with her for her hospital bag, for Mummy and me.

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She got upset, and has written this for me….

‘Oh my goodness, where is the time going? You are 21 months old, and so very, very loved. Of course I am so happy and excited that you are developing as you should, and are such a busy, happy, clever little boy. But why do I feel sad? Trying to sort through your clothes, and not being able to part with many at all at the moment. Finding all sorts of bits and bobs from my pregnancy, booklets, catalogues, leaflets etc and starting to cry. I LOVED being pregnant with you. I felt so comfortable, happy, relaxed, and loved carrying you. Loved every minute. I miss my bump. I miss being pregnant. I am sad that I will never be pregnant again. Then, I think of you, or see you, and I am filled with so much love that I am just so happy that you are here. Four babies I have had, and you were my little late surprise, 10 years after your brother, and I was 40. Such a gift. Your biggest sister MeeMee turned 18 last week, my babies are growing up.

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So. I have managed to sort out some things to take to sell, and I have carefully packed up everything else for now. There are no deadlines or rules about what I have to get rid of or when. I will, when I am ready. As I silently say 100 times a day, thank you Pickle for being mine, and bringing your special sunshine into our lives.

Mummy x x x x

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  1. They grow up so quick. I can’t mine are almost three. I want to keep them at home with me forever. Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky

  2. Aw sounds like progressing well my daughter is same age and I love this age and she can understand me and is speaking so much more now and is full of energy I love watching them grow! #binkylinky

  3. My son is only a couple months older than this so recognise some of those milestones!

  4. Aww…I know exactly how you feel, Mum. I keep sorting and re-sorting baby clothes ready for the charity shop but still can’t bring myself to do it. A very lovely letter. He is achieving so much! It’s the little things that are so special.

  5. Feels like just yesterday I read the letter your Mummy for when you turned 20 months old! I think you’ll be turning two around the same time my little one turns 1, unless I’ve completely miscounted!

    Sounds like you’ve started doing lots of new things this month 🙂 looking forward to finding out what you get up to next month xx

  6. Aww lovely post, they grew and learn so much at this age 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to the weekend blog hop 🙂

  7. I absolutely loved this post, it is so lovely to hear about your child growing up and their development. You should be so proud!


  8. Oohhh what a nice development! Car boot is nice too! I was always planning on doing this to earn some moolah but I always end up donating as I really dont have a car so no boot as well =P

    You have the cutest smile on the first photo and sdont stop being so adorable =) #pocolo/#binkylinky

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