Plum Baby Mighty Moments Challenge :)


Phew, I think we have finished just in time! Mummy and I have only just heard about the Tots 100 Plum Baby Mighty Moments Challenge.

My SuperHero with healthy super powers is….

Professor Plum – The Health Detective!

He searches around for unhealthy snacks such as chocolate and crisps, zooms in with his magnifying glass, and POW! he zaps them into plums!

Why plums? Because they are my favourite fruit, so sweet and juicy and good for you.

I was weaned with a lot of the Plum range of baby foods, Mummy and I love them because they are packed with goodness and have no rubbish in them. Being dairy intolerant, I needed food with no added milk, and as I have a super sensitive tummy, I needed food with no additives or other horrible stuff, and Plum’s range was perfect.





This is my brother’s drawing of Professor Plum!

I helped him too 🙂

This picture is my entry into the Tots100/ Plum Baby Mighty Moments Challenge


  1. That’s a brilliant drawing – big brother obviously has plenty of talent! 🙂

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