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I am thrilled to have a guest post from the brilliant Amy over at The Perks of Being Amy about how to survive exams. Amy is currently studying for her A Levels, after getting loads and loads of GCSE’s, many being A and A* two years ago.


I am really pleased to share some exam survival tips with you, and hope they help, whatever exams you are facing. Exams are crap (sorry Ickle Pickle!) They can be so stressful, you have to study so hard, stop going out and hope for good grades. Here we go!

1. Be Organised & Take regular breaks

Make a timetable, allocating specific times to study. Spread out your studying, with regular revision sessions. Rather than three to four hours every few days, plan a couple of hours a night. This helps you absorb the information, and keeps your brain active, preparing you for the exams.

Take regular breaks when revising in order to give your brain a break and to increase your concentration. Take 10-15 minutes out every hour to refresh your brain and let information settle in. Go outside, get some fresh air, listen to a favourite song, but then get back to it. Make sure you drink plenty of water during revision time and breaks to keep hydrated and avoid headaches.

2. Get Some Funky Stationery

 Buy some cool and funky stationery to motivate you to revise. Think pretty notepads, bright stickers, colourful highlighters and funky dividers. Write your notes in different coloured pens to help make certain information stand out, and you more likely to remember it than if you were reading it in plain black biro. Use fun stickers to make pages in your folder stand out and bright dividers to organise your files into sections.3. Get Some Sleep!

Most teenagers have no problem at all getting plenty of sleep. We can  stay up late, and can sleep until 4pm the next day (if allowed!) Make sure you do get plenty of sleep during exam season as, following sleep, information in your brain is easier to access. Sleep also allows memories to consolidate overnight and brain recall becomes stronger as a result of this. If you learn something just before you go to bed, it increases the effectiveness of learning and makes you much more likely to remember it. Are you still awake?!

4. Healthy Snacking

Go for healthy snacks that will boost your brain. Fish is the best brain food and makes the perfect revision break snack. Mackerel and salmon are particularly healthy as they are packed with protein and omega 3 – really good stuff that gets your brain working. Try some on wholemeal bread. Stock up on fruit and vegetables as they contain essential vitamins, minerals and ions. Fruity snacks such as bananas, berries and apples are low in calories and give us more energy as they are full of healthy sugars.

Something else to consider is getting some extra help if you need a bit of a boost with a particular subject. MeeMee had a little extra support from a tutor and it made such a difference. You can find a tutor to help you locally or search on line with a site such as Tutor Hunt.

Good Luck, whatever exams you are taking!

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  1. Exams are so stressful! My step-kids have all been revising for their GCSE’s and they’re so stressed out about them! Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky

  2. I remember getting far too stressed about exams. Some good tips here. Hopefully I don’t have any coming up personally though. I’ve done my time lol #binkylinky

  3. I am going to have an exam and everything in this entry is so helpful! A lovely read =) #binkylinky

  4. Oh gosh that brings it all back, although I was never a reviser *shhhh*

  5. I found myself taking too many breaks haha! Good tips. Although I found a timetable never worked for me because I hate routi es and watching the clock. But I understand how timetables help many people, most of my friends made them whilst revising. #binkylinky and #PoCoLo xx

  6. Some brilliant advice there, very similar to what I have been telling my oldest who is now taking her GCSE’s. She follows most of your advice apart from the sleeping part, she always struggles to fall asleep! #BinkyLinky

  7. Lovely post! I remember having very similar strategies for my GCSEs and A Levels- good luck with your exams! Thanks for signing up to the #binkylinky

  8. i hated exams with passion, hope it helps others and good luck with your exams!

  9. Fab tips! I’ve just finished my last EVER exams last week so thankfully I don’t need them anymore but great post for those that still have exams!

  10. I remember all the studying that I did and taking regular breaks and not cramming is so important x
    Rachel recently posted…Mio Liquid Yoga – an incredible combination for relaxation!My Profile

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