19 months old baby boy

My baby is 19 months old


Dear Ickle Pickle
Tomorrow you are 19 months old. I can’t believe how quickly time is going. Seems like yesterday I was going to hospital, so excited that I was going to meet you very soon. You have brought so much joy and happiness into all our lives, you light up everywhere you go. I am so happy that you are thriving, and growing, and developing so quickly, you are such a clever little boy. I wanted to write baby boy then, but I am becoming more and more aware that you are no longer my little baby. See? Even then, I couldn’t write ‘my baby’. I had to say ‘little baby’ I cannot yet stop calling you my baby. You still are my baby. My baby boy. My beautiful baby boy. 

I am so happy to see you learning new things every day, so why am I sad that tomorrow, we enter your last ‘teen’ month? Why am I sad that I am now buying you 18-24 month clothes? I still use your pram, albeit in pushchair mode (and have for months), but I still have you facing me. I tried turning it so you faced forward, but I missed you and your little smile. I tell myself  ‘yes but you are ONLY 19 months old – you are still so small and young.  You are still not walking solo yet, but, secretly, I am glad. I encourage and help you, as does everyone else, but I am not sorry that you’ve not managed it yet, it has kept you as a baby. I have enjoyed every second with you, getting to know you, teaching you, and learning from you, loving you and being loved by you. Your little personality and sense of humour is growing each day, you are so funny! 

You were a little gift to me from heaven, a little bundle of joy, to complete my life, and my family. 

You are so very loved, I adore you, and am so very happy and grateful that you are mine. May you have a long, happy, healthy life my darling baby boy, I am so glad I am your mummy x x x x x


  1. Beautiful post, and comments and thoughts to your beautiful baby!

  2. Ah my littlest will be 19 months in about 14 days – I won’t believe it. Sure I’m in denial! x

  3. They do grow up soo quickly and those years seem to fly by more quickly each year but saying that my 6yo is still my baby girl and she always will be!

  4. Aww how lovely! they grow up so fast! happy 19 months little one 🙂

  5. Lovely post, he is a very lucky boy to be loved so much by his mummy!

  6. Aw they grow up so quickly, my little baby is a nearly 6ft teen, I can’t believe where the time has gone, next mile stone GCSE’s !!

  7. Happy 19th months! My little boy is going to be ten this year – TEN – a whole decade and like you say it seems like yesterday going to the hospital to have him. x

  8. They do grow so quickly don’t they. My “little baby” is 4 now and my big ones are 6 and a half! I find it so hard to believe sometimes!

  9. Beautiful photo , kids are so precious and they grow up so fast.

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