Project 365 Week 14 30 March – 5 April


Another great week, here are my highlights 🙂

Sunday 30 March was Mother’s Day and we all went to Folly Farm, you can read about it here  and had a fantastic day. When we got home, I did some colouring, I love colouring. I can draw circles already! Mummy can only draw a cat!

Monday 31 March – here I am ready for bed, with my brand new Baa. I love sheep, and Baa was a present from my daddy yesterday. He is very soft. Today mummy and I went to see MeeMee and Oz’s mum, she had just got back from Spain. I then spent some time with MeeMee 🙂

Tuesday 1 April – I was going to Nana’s today, but first mummy and I had a little walk around Seaside Village harbour with her. The sea was in so far, it was a really high tide. The harbour is starting to fill up with boats now.

Wednesday 2 April – My daddy’s birthday 🙂 I went shopping with mummy to buy his cards and presents because he was coming for tea. Mummy also went to meet a lovely lady who was lending her a baby sling to carry me! Mummy thought I was too big, but I’m not. Very excited to try it out!

Thursday 3 April – Mummy and I went to Nana and Grandad’s so mummy could get some work done on her iPad. I had big sleepy, snuggly cuddles with my Grandad (again!) Mummy and I then met Granny Jane, and went for coffee (mummy, I didn’t have coffee!) at the lovely Beach Grill in Seaside Town.

Friday 4 April – it started off raining, then changed into  a beautiful, hot, sunny day! Mummy and I went for a long, long walk around Seaside Town, it is so beautiful. Mummy really wanted me to have a sleep, but I just did not want to. End of. Cue grumpy, miserable baby. I finally gave in when I was in the car when mummy picked up Lea and Luke, and felt so much better. Mummy was right!

Saturday 5 April – After yesterday, today was the opposite. Wet, foggy, cold. Luke was a bit poorly with a sore throat. We went to meet Nana, and MeeMee and Oz in my favourite coffee shop in Seaside Village. Here they are showing me how to play Farm Heroes on the iPhone! (MeeMee’s, not mine!)

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  1. Love the colouring picture! #project365

  2. Lovely photo’s and what a fab looking seaside town! Just my kind of place x

  3. Ahh your little one looks so content and the sleepy grandad cuddles are lovely. Mich x

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely week, such adorable photos 🙂 #365 x

  5. its nice to leave in a seaside town and watch the tides and the storms, and a beautiful place for mummy to take you for walks.
    Happy belated Birthday to your daddy.
    Grandads give very special cuddles dont they, the twins like cuddles with granddad.

  6. Looks like a lovely week with family, friends and enjoying walking by the sea. #365

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