Guest Post from Chico my cat :)


Hello, my name is Chico, and my sister is Simba. 

This is me, Chico 🙂 I can see you!

This is my sister Simba, sensibly, she sleeps in a bed 🙂

Ickle Pickle was sent some yummy food for us to try, we are usually quite fussy with what we eat, mum (our hu-mum) has given us all sorts of food in the past! Our favourite is chicken, or salmon, but failing that, we do prefer meat, in jelly not gravy, and Simba prefers dried food. She was more excited about this food than me, I have to say. The food is Harringtons, and is made in Yorkshire, which mum was very pleased about, she try’s to buy British where she can. I felt a little more hopeful when I read on the packet that it contained salmon 😉

She gave us the food with a little tinned meat to start with, and Simba tucked in. I wasn’t so keen, I carefully ate the meat, and went for a sleep. When I woke, I was hungry, and, hoped that Simba had left some of her meat. No such luck! There was, in my bowl, the Harringtons. I quickly realised there was nothing else on offer, and my tummy was rumbling, so I decided to try the Harringtons. 

Well, I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised! It was much nicer than the other dried stuff we usually have.

Mum gave us more at tea time, still with a little meat (just for me) and I ate it all. Simba ate all the biscuits (she usually does). Now, we have both been off our food lately, because our sister, Maya, was killed in a car accident a few weeks ago and it has upset us both terribly.

But, a cat’s got to eat, and I can thoroughly recommend Harringtons

Mum says The Harringtons food went down well, and Chico, who is quite fussy, actually ate it. It is approx £5 for a 2kg bag and I would definitely buy it for them.

We were sent the food free to review, all words are mine and my mummy’s 😉

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  1. I wish i have a pet too! Nice post! #TwinMummysNewbieBlogers

  2. First post from a cat that I have read! Great review, the food sounds a good choice. Sorry that you recently lost a cat. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  3. Hahaha! lovely little post!
    I’ve come over as part of #triedtested and would love you to pop on over to to say hi too!

  4. love this honey 🙂 x

  5. My 3 cats love harringtons, its so much better quality than some other cardboard pet foods Popping over from #TriedTested Linky

  6. Brilliant post. A typing cat and a highly intelligent 17 month old! It must be something in the water 😉
    bakedpotatomummy xx

  7. hehe we used to have cats in fact I miss having a cat around they are a valued member of any family glad you enjoyed the food #triedtested xx

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