Great news for colic suffering babies :)

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I suffered terribly from colic when I was a little baby, and it used to upset mummy a lot. My brother and sisters suffered too. So mummy’s first experience of colic was almost 18 years ago, and her latest was last year! 

There was very little support for colic when the others suffered, but mummy used Infacol with all of us. My brother and I are dairy intolerant, so, we cried a lot when we were tiny.
Mummy was asked to have a look at a brand new Infant Colic Support Centre online, a complete resource centre which is open 24 hours a day to help mummies (and daddies!) answer questions about colic.

Mummy made a cup of lovely hot chocolate, and nibbling on a cookie, all sent as a thank you from Infacol, she had a good look around the website. 

There is a section to help you identify that it is colic that your bubba is suffering from, and mummy was very happy to see that dairy intolerance is highlighted as a possible cause of certain symptoms, at least it brings it to a mummy’s attention. 

There is another section is where you can ask any questions, and if the question you have isn’t there, you can email Nikki Khan, a professional midwife, and Infacols Infant Health Expert.

The website is a really good idea for mummies to be able to have their questions answered at any time, and is really easy to use. 

There is also a lovely set of video clips showing you how to massage your baby to ease colic, mummy used to massage me, and gently move my legs as if I was riding a bike, and it did help. 

Mummy also use to lie me across her knees on my tummy, supporting my head of course, and I liked this too (sometimes!) I also loved being gently rocked, and mummy was given a baby swing that gently rocked me to sleep, and this eased my tummy pains too.

To any little babies suffering from colic, it doesn’t last forever, it eased greatly for me when I reached 12 weeks old.

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  1. I’m glad that resources like this are around because a lot of the time there seems to be guesswork rather than anything else! I’m glad your symptoms got better as you grew up Ickle Pickle xx

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