Project 365 Week 12 16 – 22 March


My week this week….Project 365 with The Boy and Me 
Sunday 16 March – I am standing more and more, I am choosing to stand rather than sit, and everyone is very excited because I will be walking very soon! I love colouring, and standing up doing it. I make a very cute, very loud noise when I am concentrating! 

Monday 17 March – Mummy didn’t take a photo today, she was working in the morning, MeeMee looked after me, and Luke was off school because he hurt himself yesterday during a parkour lesson. It was a busy day, which was over before mummy got a photo!

Tuesday 18 March – I was with Nana and Grandad today, I am most Tuesdays. Mummy and MeeMee picked me up with Nana, and we met Grandad, Lea, Luke, and my cousin in Seaside Town. We then went home. Here I am sat in my special chair, which was a Christmas present. It plays music when I sit on it, and it is the perfect size for me now, I love it!

Wednesday 19 March – Mummy and I usually pick up MeeMee from college in the morning on a Wednesday, and we go shopping, maybe have lunch, I look forward to it very much. Here I am in Marks & Spencer baby changing room, I was kissing my reflection in the mirror! 

Thursday 20 March – Big cuddles with my Grandad. It rained and rained today so mummy was working from Nana and Grandad’s, as they can help to look after me. 

Friday 21 March – cold and windy, but dry and sunny πŸ™‚ We met Granny Jane for breakfast in our favourite coffee shop in Seaside Town – do you know they actually opened early for us! We then went for a lovely walk.

Saturday 22 March – Another sunny morning, mummy and I met Nana and Grandad first thing, they are going on holiday in their caravan, so we won’t see them next week. We then went to CTown with daddy, Lea and Luke and had a really lovely day. Mummy took this photo to show how the flowers on Maya’s grave are blooming and looking so beautiful. They are the first thing you see when you look out of the kitchen window. We all miss Maya so much. It seems so odd without her πŸ™

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  1. awww honey what a beautiful shot with ‘Grandad’ its so lovely xx

  2. You are too cute kissing your reflection little man and lucky you get such great cuddles from Grandad!

  3. Love your photos, especially the one with your Grandad. G has the same chair, it’s great isn’t it? x #Project365

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