Project 365 Week 10 (2 for me)


This is my second week of Project 365, but week 10 generally.
Sun 2 March was my Aunty’s birthday, after seeing her, we went for brunch in Seaside Village with my Nan and Grandad. I had my first brunch of toast, baked beans and egg! I loved it! And my tummy was ok afterwards. Yay!
Mon 3 March Inset day so no school for Lea and Luke. It was a lovely day so we walked by the pond and fed the birds. Then we went to our favourite cafe.
Tues 4 March I went to Granny Jane’s as mummy works on a Tuesday. She made me pancakes with soya milk and I loved them! Obviously it’s Pancake Day and these were my first pancakes. Yum!
Weds 5 March Mummy had a long drive to Bristol to take MeeMee for her University Interview. I stayed with Nana and Grandad. Mummy was not home until late, I missed her. 
Thurs 6 March I stood up on my own last night! Mummy was nearly crying! And yesterday I ‘walked’ with Nana holding my hands for the first time! Mummy missed it, so I did it again, and mummy got a photo.
Fri 7 March Such a beautiful day, we went for a lovely walk with Granny Jane along the front at Seaside Town, then walked down to the beach. Guess what? They had coffee! It felt like being on holiday. I am so lucky to live here.
Sat 8 Mar another glorious day, we walked around the castle, and along the pond to feed the birds. It is so warm, I saw lots of doggies and birdies.

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  1. Goodness you are a busy little man! So many firsts too. We LOVE pancakes too. Tell mummy to show of he pictures and make them a bit bigger so we can see them better.

  2. Thank you! yes i am very busy! Ooh I will tell her, thank you, and thank you popping by x

  3. A busy busy week….and well done for standing up! No stoppimgnypu now!

  4. Wow I wish I can do this! A picture of my son everyday =)

    YOu seem to be having so much fun! Good to read your blog.


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