Phew it’s bedtime ;)


At last! That magical time of 7.30pm, bedtime 🙂 don’t get me wrong, I love the daytime with my mummy, or, if she’s working, my nana and grandad. And I love picking my brother and sister up from school, then, if we’re lucky, we go to a lovely little coffee shop where they have hot chocolate, mummy has a cappuccino and I have a tea cake! I love playing with my toys, my discovery farm, my wooden Noah’s Ark, I love colouring my Pepper Pig book and I love watching funny films with Lea and Luke. I have tea, then at about 7pm I have my supper bottle. I have lovely cuddles with mummy, which she complains are never, ever long enough, but she doesn’t understand that I have so much to do!

I might have a bath, or mummy might read to me, then she gets me ready for bed. I am still in mummy’s room because there’s a lot of rearranging to do and bedroom swopping, so that I can share a room with Luke. I like being in with mummy, but, it is a bit noisy sometimes. Her bed squeaks noisily when she turns over, and sometimes that wakes me up a little. And sometimes she snores. And coughs. And trumps. Actually, it can be quite noisy sleeping in the same room! Mummy puts me in my grobag sleeping bag, because ever since I was tiny, I kick off any blankets. I love my sleeping bag , it keeps me just warm enough, and keeps me covered and snuggly. I take Tigger & Pooh Bear to bed with me, and I listen to my cot mobile. I like the ‘nature’ setting best, and I’ll sit up and change it if mummy’s put it on ‘lullaby’. I go to sleep quite quickly, because usually I am worn out! I have very busy days, and I need a lot of sleep to process everything that has happened to me. I like the peace and quiet when I go to bed, apart from the soothing nature sounds from my mobile. I like sleepily drifting off to a magical land, where Tigger and Pooh Bear come to life and play with me. Where I dream of tea cakes and fruit yoghurts and my mummy and daddy tickle and tickle me. Sometimes, mummy says, I actually giggle in my sleep!

I sleep well, and soundly until around 6.30 the next morning, when I wake up, happy and full of beans, excited for a new day. I reach out for Tigger, and I call out to mummy. I sit and wait for her to come and scoop me out of my cot, and if I’m lucky, it’s a weekend, and she pops me in her bed with her, where we have sleepy cuddles and mummy kisses and kisses me.

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