I am 16 Months Old Today :)


I am the grand old age of 16 months today. So, I want to record the day and what has happened.

” The stormy weather continues, in fact, it is the worst day. Lea and Luke’s school closed due to hurricane level winds, for the first time my mummy can remember (and that’s a long time, she went to the same school!) Shortly after, Amy’s college closed! Winds of over 93mph were recorded at The Bridge, no wonder it was closed. Trees were blown down everywhere, it was still raining, but not as much as it has. Tonight though, it is raining, hailing, blowing a gale, so stormy. 

I went to HTown with nana, mummy and aunty, and we had a lovely breakfast in WS, and then had a little look around the shops. Mummy went to get Amy and Matt (my cousin, he is just 18 and he loves me very much. I love him very much too). Mummy was worried my pram might blow over, it was so windy. We met up again, and finished shopping, someone rang my nana and say a tornado had hit M Village! Goodness, it was crazy. We went to C-Coffee for lunch, which was lovely. That’s when Oscar rang Amy to say college was closing. He was stuck in traffic as everyone was leaving, and the school also closed. 

Mummy drove very carefully, and slowly back to nana’s, she could see the wind blowing against some lorries, making them lean towards her, she was a bit scared. We passed quite a few trees that had blown over, but we got back ok. Luke was at nana’s because he fell yesterday in school, and had bumped his head really hard. He had a huge lump on the back of his head. He was very shocked after school yesterday, he was very quiet, I tried to cuddle him, and kiss him, and he seemed very sad. Mummy kept him off today, and he stayed at nan’s in the warm and dry. 

Grandad had picked Lea up at 1pm from school, and we picked them both up from nanas. We drove carefully home, after getting a drive thru snack for Lea and Luke, and mummy did her jobs quickly with Leah helping, so we could all be together and watch a movie, which we did. I went to bed at 7.30, I was very tired, I hadn’t napped much in the day, only briefly in the car in the morning. As mummy was getting herself and the others sorted out for bedtime, later, the power went off. Then on, then off. I was fast asleep, but a hailstorm did wake me briefly a little earlier. Mummy lit some candles, and came up to bed, as did Lea and Luke. We all slept in the same room, because the storm was a bit scary. Mummy said she was woken up by thunder,  but, thank goodness, it passed quickly

So, my 16 month birthday was a very wet, windy, stormy one.  But I spent it with people I love very much 🙂 “

Me eating lactose free cheese and avocado on Sunday, 9 Februrary 2014

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