I miss my daddy and my sister


Usually we see my daddy all weekend, but we haven’t this time. He and mummy have had a row and he’s not come to see us. My mummy is sad, I hear her talking to my sister about how she just wants daddy to understand her. I live in a house with mummy, and Lea and Luke. They are my older brother and sister.

Me and Amy 🙂

 Amy is my eldest sister but she doesn’t really live with us any more. She lives with her boyfriend and his mum and dad. We do see her, but not as often as we’d like. I feel a bit sad about that, but she is 18 in the summer. I do love Oscar, her boyfriend though, he’s lots of fun, and loves cuddling me, and playing with me. I do spend Monday mornings with Amy, while mummy works, but even that’s changing now. Amy has work experience which is great for her, but I miss her. Even in my short time here, one thing I’ve learnt is that nothing stays the same. Just as you get used to something, it changes! Sometimes for the better, sometimes not. I miss my daddy, every time the door opens I shout ‘daddy daddy!’ but he’s not there. He could be with us, and should be with us, but he keeps upsetting mummy. If I could I would ask him ‘Why do you make mummy sad?’ ‘Why can’t you accept her as she is?’ My mummy loves you, but loves her family too. My daddy gets mad if she sees my nan and grandad. I don’t know why. My daddy gets mad if my mummy doesn’t answer the phone to him. Even if she’s driving or working. My daddy gets mad a lot. My mummy works a lot on the computer, and my daddy doesn’t understand. He gets mad. Mummy says he’s controlling but I don’t know what that means. 

Mummy says she feels like a trapped bird. I hear her talk to her friends. She doesn’t have wings though, so I’m not sure what that means. I guess if she did have wings, she would be able to fly. She wouldn’t fly away from us though, but she might fly away from daddy. Daddy says mummy is stubborn, mummy says daddy is selfish. I don’t understand these words, but I do understand tears and sadness. Mummy’s face is sad. A lot. Unless she’s cuddling me of course, then she smiles and laughs and looks so happy. I am so glad that I make her so happy 🙂

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