I believe in Angels …do you?

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We are a very spiritual family, my mummy believes in, and works with angels, and talks to me and my sisters and brother about them. Angels told my mummy that I was coming, and they helped keep me and mummy safe during her pregnancy, and my birth. Archangel Gabriel is who mummy talked to during her pregnancy, who oversees fertility, conception, pregnancy and birth. Mummy had complete faith that all would be well, and that I would be healthy and perfect in every way. As she was 40 when she fell pregnant with me, and 41 when I was born, she was aware there were more risks for her, and me. Mummy asks Archangel Michael to watch over us all, and keep us safe. If any of us are poorly, she asks Archangel Raphael to help us get better.

I can see angels, and spirit. Of that my mummy is totally sure. From being tiny, as soon as I could open my eyes properly, I would focus on something, and watch it move above me. It was my nanny, who died when my daddy was 12. She watches over me, and helps keep me safe too. I also have my great-nan, my mummy’s nana, who watches over me. I see, and mummy knows, that my guardian angel hovers above my cot, and protects me whilst I sleep.  My sister, Lea is aware of them too. She lay next to me as a tiny baby, looking up to where I was looking, and sensed a real safe, warm feeling come over her. And she’s seen little bright lights around me. Many babies lose this sense and gift as they grow up, but because my family believe, and are aware of it all, I won’t lose mine. 

When I was a few weeks old, my mummy took me to meet a friend of hers, who had taught mummy Angelic Reiki, and who talked to the angels all the time. She told mummy some amazing things about me, and what I liked, and would want to do, even though I was so tiny. Mummy was amazed. I am a very spiritual baby, born in 2012, and we believe I was meant to arrive then, to bring so many gifts to my family. 

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  1. This is a really beautiful post and otherworldly post. I loved it. Thank you
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