Tips for Visiting Sri Lanka

Tips for Visiting Sri Lanka


Having travelled quite a bit in  the UK and Europe, we have recently been researching places further afield that we might like to travel to instead. Having decided on Sri Lanka as somewhere to consider, we have been gathering as much information as possible, both through the web and friends who have been.

Tips for Visiting Sri Lanka

We found several helpful websites:
Our first stop was the Sri Lanka Travel Advice page on the British government’s website as we tried to collect official information about visas and any other official documents that might be needed to enter the country.
Aside from that, however, the page has some very good information about how to behave while in Sri Lanka as well, particularly when it comes to the local culture, the local laws, and what we would have to be aware of in terms of staying safe.
We also found some good information on, including suggestions on the must-see sites of the island.
It was recommended to us that we would have to get a visa before our arrival via the Electronic Travel Authorization system. The process is very straightforward and quite cheap too, coming at about £25-30 per person. The visa lasts for 30 days which would be more than enough for us, and we guess most other travellers as well.

Sri Lanka is safe, but we should be aware of some things.
Having heard about the country’s previous troubles (which thankfully ended in 2009), we were also relieved to know that things are much calmer now. Still, there are several things friends said we should be aware of.
For instance, we were advised to use cash whenever possible and only withdraw from ATMs attached to places like banks or major hotels. It was also suggested to be respectful and modest in terms of dressing up, particularly when it came to religious sites.
One thing we were glad to know about before we plan any trip was that swimming in Sri Lanka can be dangerous due to strong tides. None of us are strong swimmers so if we did decide to visit one of the many beautiful beaches, we would definitely research the easiest best ones to swim in.
Another thing we were warned about is that we should be careful if hiking because the local wildlife can be dangerous. The advice was to hire a local guide whenever possible which we would definitely consider as part of our budgeting.
Something that came up consistently in our online research is that Sri Lanka is a very relaxed place and that chilling out with delicious food should be the focus of our holiday.
This was great news for us as we would want to have some quality family time, tasting great new food and taking in the local scenery and culture at our own pace.
All things considered, we think that Sri Lanka seems like a magical place and it is somewhere we would definitely consider visiting.

Have you ever been to Sri Lanka?

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  1. An amazing place has been on my bucket list for years
    One day I’ll go

  2. Nice post! Very informative! Thanks for sharing the links to read more about how to enjoy Sri Lanka when it comes to good eats and for more awesome adventures. Sri Lanka is indeed a beautiful country to visit.

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