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My mummy is very clever, and amongst other things, is a qualified Crystal Therapist and holistic therapist.

She has worked with crystals and essential oils for over 10 years.

When she was pregnant with me, she wanted completely 100% natural products to help her relax, and help during labour and childbirth. She couldn’t find anything  that wasn’t laden with nasties and unnecessary ingredients that were simply not needed.

So, she created Lavender Babies – 100% natural wellbeing sprays that you spray on your pillow, bedding, blanky, hanky or into the room air, as often as you like. They contain water, essential oils, a smidgen of apple vinegar to preserve, oh and the magic ingredient, natural crystals such as amethyst and rose quartz. This range is suitable for pregnancy and for babies from birth.

Mummy then created a range for grown ups – Lavender Moon, and called the business Lavender Garden. Oh, then, because people were asking, Mummy created a range for pets too!

The full range can be found here 🙂

You can win a 100ml bottle of her best selling Sleepy Baby Spray worth £7.99 by entering below.

Good Luck!

I cannot review this lovely spray, as much as Mummy uses it (and other Lavender Babies ones) with me all the time, you would think I am just saying nice things because it’s my Mummy 😉

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